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Australian Business Training programs are based on the latest research on learned optimism, positive psychology, neuroscience, emotional intelligence and practical experience in cognitive behavioural change strategies. We utilise the latest scientific evidence on key attitudes, emotions, behaviours and work strategies that result in increased productivity.

Evidence shows that to gain a permanent change in behaviour it is necessary to change people's perception of themselves, their role and their environment.

Our Emotional Intelligence and attitudinal change programs have proven to be the most effective way of producing long term behavioural change. The strategies we use get to the core of human behaviour by focusing on changing people's thinking, feelings and actions.

The principal focus of our programs is about building emotional intelligence, optimism and resilience. The emphasis is on developing a high tolerance to frustration, that is, building the mental toughness and persistence necessary for change and achievement. Our strategies enable people to move out of their comfort zones by helping them clarify and commit to their goals, and move to new levels of performance.

Our approach gives practical, workable tools to overcome the roadblocks and hurdles to achieve change and success. It not only shows how to change behaviour but also how to build the unstoppable attitudes and confidence necessary to press on to achieve long term results.

The strategy of combining emotional intelligence and attitudinal change with specific work strategies offers a new vision of excellence that moves beyond positive thinking to create behavioural change and business success.

Contact us to find out how we customise productivity improvement programs to meet your objectives and increase your results.


Clients who have used our Emotional Intelligence, Learned Optimism or Positive Psychology programs:

A.M.P.     Shell Australia
B.H.P.     Goldwell Cosmetics
Advance Funds Management     Australia Post
Atlas Copco      Mortgage Choice
Bayer Australia     St George Bank
Allam Homes     Trading Post
Bonlac Foods Ltd     Frank Bulluss & Associates
Colonial     State Street
Philips Australia     First National Real Estate
Elgas Ltd     Amcor Fibre Packaging
AstraZeneca     Austrapay Ltd
3M Australia     The Real Estate Institute
Hunter Douglas     N.R.M.A.
McDonalds Aust     MLC
Meriton Apartments     OPSM Pty Ltd
Mister Minit     National Bank
NCR Australia     Johnson & Johnson
Roche Products Pty Ltd     LendLease
Optus     Pfizer Pty Ltd
Mediterranean Shipping     Spring Manufacturers Assoc.
Select Appointments     Telstra
W.C. Penfolds     Suzuki Australia
Yamaha     Malleson, Stephen, Jacques
MTA     Reckitt & Colman
Commonwealth Bank     Ray White Real Estate
Wizard     KPMG
Huhtamaki     ACSIS
IPAC     Citibank
HSBC     Novartis
Cerebos Foods     BP