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Peter Sullivan

Peter Sullivan has more than 18 years experience as a professional speaker and workshop leader developing high performance leadership, sales and work teams.

The principal focus for Peter has been on helping good people get even better. He works with businesses to motivate their people to do the high pay-off activities they often don't like to do.

The new attitudes and skills he introduces move people beyond the "How To" and develops people's "Will Do" to gain commitment to action.

Peter's work is at the leading edge of research on the psychology of behavioural change and achievement. He is Australia's leading authority on the business application of Emotional Intelligence, Learned Optimism and High Performance Work Strategies to maximise results. He has featured on television, in the 'Financial Review' and the ABC science program 'All In The Mind' for his expertise in this area.

Conference delegates have, on numerous occasions, voted Peter's keynote presentations the best item at their conference.

Leading organisations in Banking, Finance, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic and Technology are currently engaging Peter to help them achieve performance breakthroughs.

The outcomes of Peter's strategies have produced significant results for his clients. Some of these results have included:

-Doubling of business revenues

-Sales increases of over 80%

-Sales closing ratios of near 100%

-Return on investment of up to 2,762% in the first 12 months

-Managers gaining high performance coaching skills

-Increased staff motivation and commitment

-More clarity on what needs to be done to maximise results

-A more persistent and flexible workforce

-Significant improvements in the ability to adapt to change

-Reductions in fear, anxiety and other negative emotions

-Improvement in people's accountability and response - ability

-Increases in proactive work behaviours

-Significant improvements in staff attitudes and morale

-The ability to keep problems in perspective

-The development of mental toughness and resilience

-Reductions in procrastination and avoidance behaviours

Hear Peter Sullivan interviewed on ABC Radio National Science program "All In The Mind" the segment is called "Emotions at work". Click here to hear Peter Sullivan (30 min mpg file).