Results and outcomes of past projects.

Summary of some key initiatives and results of Australian Business Training partnering with clients

  • Designed and delivered "Business Breakthrough" program for Mortgage Choice's top franchisees. The outcomes included:
    • 37% increase in effective use of time
    • 35% increase in the ability to manage the frustrations of the business
    • sales increases of 80% over twelve months
    • generated Return On Investment of over 2000%
  • Harvey World Travel's annual managers conference rated a presentation on "Attitude and Action for Achievement" as best overall presentation at their conference. Subsequently, a two day training program was rolled out in each state.
  • Involved in the development of mission, vision and sales training strategies of new sales channel for MLC and National Bank. This has included the design and delivery of a training module that is part of training for all the new financial advisers' recruits nationally.
  • Design and delivery of a program on key account relationship management for a group of senior St George Private Bankers. The program was rated 9.7 out of 10 for value.
  • Developed and delivered a national sales training strategy for Citibank. The training and coaching focused on growing the emotional intelligence and the needs based questioning skills of their financial advisers and consultants. The outcomes included:
    • ability to handle rejection up 30%
    • skills to plan a client interview up 49%
    • ability to gain a commitment from the client up 22%
  • The development and delivery of a three-year national sales training strategy for Amcor Fibre Packaging's sales force. The project included training managers to improve their coaching effectiveness. Plus, state wide programs with the sales teams on building the mental toughness of the sales team, including value proposition selling, strategic selling, effective negotiation skills, and understanding personality styles. The outcomes included:
    • Ability to gain a commitment from the customer up 49%
    • $2.2 million dollars of new business was achieved during the first two weeks after the training program was initiated
    • The training and coaching averaged 8.9 out of 10 for value
  • Designed and delivered emotional intelligence sales training programs for Foxtell Pay TV's commercial sales managers.
  • Delivered national programs for Goldwell Cosmetics working with their management team as well as sales and staff development programs plus national tours delivering workshops to hairdressers and salon owners.
    • The training and coaching rated and average or 9.5 out of 10 for value
    • The ability to be proactive on the high payoff tasks up 47%
    • The ability to get the best out of people up 54%
  • Delivered a presentation on "Emotional Intelligence at Work" to the CEO Institute. This rated an average 9 out of 10 for value.
  • Voted best speaker at an accountant's annual conference for a presentation on emotional intelligence. Evaluations showed that 90% of the audience rated the presentation as excellent.
  • Delivered a 'Train the Trainer' program on emotional intelligence to Pfizer's learning and development team. Designed and delivered a program for representatives on emotional intelligence sales training. The outcomes included:
    • Self awareness increased by an average of 42%
    • Self confidence increased by an average of 67%
    • The training and coaching averaged 9.5 out of 10 for value
  • Worked with Telstra Learning to develop the internal consulting skills for their consultants. Designed and delivered a national sales training program for Telstra Payphone and Card Services.
  • Developed award winning training series; "Attitude and Action for Achievement", also "Winning at Selling" (used as part of TAFE course on selling) and "The Power of Rational Optimism".
  • Introduced emotional intelligence and performance coaching programs to Lavalife call centre. The call centre's sales people increased their dollar per call by an average of 72%.
  • Consulted with the NSW Institute of Sport to measure the optimism and resilience level of their athletes and helped with the development of learned optimism workshops for athletes.
  • Worked with Huhtamaki on a long term training strategy to introduce emotional intelligence into the management and sales culture. Designed and delivered "Manager as Coach" program to sales managers and senior management. Improved worker engagement by 20%.
  • Designed and delivered "Performance Coaching" workshops for regional managers of Rabobank. The outcome included:
    • Understanding of the principles of performance coaching up 75%
    • Willingness to coach the team more increased an average of 37%
    • The training averaged 9 out of 10 for value
  • Developed an emotional intelligence and optimism program for Cerebos Foods sales team. The outcomes included:
    • Ability to manage motivation under adversity up an average of 61%
    • Confidence to tackle an upcoming product launch up an average of 39%
    • The training helped the team achieve stretched sales targets
  • Introduced "The Psychology of Client Decision Making" to ipac Financial Services team to help them achieve 75% growth over the previous year. The outcomes included:
    • The ability to gain a commitment from the client increased 33%
    • A yearly sales growth of 75% over the previous year
    • The team rated the training and coaching 9 out of 10 for value
  • Voted best speaker at St George's annual financial services conference with a rating of 4.5 out of 5 for value for presentation, "The Psychology of Client Decision Making".
  • In South Africa presented a seminar for ascis on "The Psychology of Client Decision Making". The success of the seminar created an invitation back to South Africa to present more workshops for ascis and seminars for the Financial Planning Institute of South Africa.
  • Designed and delivered "Emotional Intelligence" workshop and post training coaching for Optus transformation team. The outcomes included:
    • Ability to keep problems in perspective increased 28%
    • Awareness of the emotions of others improved by 20%
    • Relevance of the training to the managers role rated 9.25 out of 10
  • Wizard Home Loans annual conference rated "The Psychology of Client Decision Making" as the best conference presentation. Peter Sullivan was rated the best speaker at the conference.
    • Voted number one presenter with 85% of the attendees rating the presentation as excellent.
    • Voted number one for content with 61% of the attendees rating the content excellent.