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Emotional intelligence performance coaching to train people

The number one obstacle to individual and organisational growth is the lack of training that managers receive to coach their staff.(Management Today 05)

One of the best ways to demonstrate emotional intelligence is to coach others.

The manager with a coaching leadership style is one of the most productive of all the leadership styles.

Top performing managers spend most of their time coaching their people. Many managers perceive they are coaches but surveys of staff show a different story.

Some managers believe that when they give instructions or advice they are coaching. Real performance coaching is more about inquiry and less advocacy. The best coaches are those who ask good questions that grow the confidence, awareness and responsibility of their people.

Good coaches utilise the core emotional intelligence skills of self awareness and impulse control. Good coaches grow the optimism of their people. They demonstrate empathy with focused questions and they carefully listen to the responses. Good coaches are effective at focusing the feeling and behaviour of their people on the group's goals. Coaching is one of the best performance management tools a manager can use to empower people to greater results.


Training Programs to improve coaching

-The Psychology of Client Decision Making

-The Manager as Coach

-Leading with emotional intelligence

-Emotional Intelligence in Selling

-Business breakthroughs

-The Art and Science of Selling

-Attitude and Action for Acheivement

Case Studies

-Attitude & Action for Achievement Delivered on stretched sales goals

-Business Breakthroughs Delivered increased sales and more free time

-The Psychology of Client Decision Making Achieved significant growth in funds under management

-The Manager as Coach Produced increased employee engagement and productivity

-The Art & Science of Selling Generated significant increases in new business

-Leading with Emotional Intelligence Increased self awareness and responsibility

-Attitude & Action for Leadership Achievement Good self management is a foundation for managing others