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Emotional intelligence performance coaching to grow people

Teamwork and good performance are inseparable. You can't have one without the other.

Teamwork comprises of a set of values that promote individual and collective performance.

A Bell Labs study came up with 'five simple secrets of team success': rapport, empathy, persuasion, cooperation, and consensus building.

Maximising the team's emotional intelligence is a sure way to improve teamwork and to improve the output of the team.

Teamwork requires the emotional intelligence skills of listening, supporting and responding to the views of others in the team. Good teamwork is fostered by recognition of the interests and achievements of those in the team.

One of the most important factors in maximising team results is internal harmony. Harmony builds trust and allows the team to take advantage of creative abilities to pursue the team's purpose and goals.


Training Programs to improve team results

-The Psychology of Client Decision Making

-The Manager as Coach

-Leading with emotional intelligence

-Emotional Intelligence in Selling

-Business breakthroughs

-The Art and Science of Selling

-Attitude and Action for Acheivement

Case Studies

-Attitude & Action for Achievement Delivered on stretched sales goals

-Business Breakthroughs Delivered increased sales and more free time

-The Psychology of Client Decision Making Achieved significant growth in funds under management

-The Manager as Coach Produced increased employee engagement and productivity

-The Art & Science of Selling Generated significant increases in new business

-Leading with Emotional Intelligence Increased self awareness and responsibility

-Attitude & Action for Leadership Achievement Good self management is a foundation for managing others