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Customer focussed emotional intelligence selling skills

Great sales people have the ability to manage their negative emotions and be proactive. They are adept at reading and influencing the thinking and emotions of their customers.

New research from neuroscience has proven that people make decisions based on emotion and they rationalise the decision with logic later. Emotions are at the core of every choice, decision and behaviour, in fact the lack of emotion severely impairs good decision making.

The SMART emotional intelligence skills of self awareness, managing negative emotions, optimism and empathy are essential in being able to connect with customers.

Numerous studies have shown salespeople high in emotional intelligence build better customer relationships and outperform those low in emotional intelligence. The emotional intelligence competency of optimism has proven to be one of the most powerful predictors of future achievement. Selecting people with optimism is a sure way of getting the right people into sales roles.


Training Programs to improve sales results

Recruiting top performers into sales roles

-The Psychology of Client Decision Making

-The Manager as Coach

-Leading with emotional intelligence

-Emotional Intelligence in Selling

-Business breakthroughs

-The Art and Science of Selling

-Attitude and Action for Acheivement

Case Studies

-Attitude & Action for Achievement Delivered on stretched sales goals

-Business Breakthroughs Delivered increased sales and more free time

-The Psychology of Client Decision Making Achieved significant growth in funds under management

-The Manager as Coach Produced increased employee engagement and productivity

-The Art & Science of Selling Generated significant increases in new business

-Leading with Emotional Intelligence Increased self awareness and responsibility

-Attitude & Action for Leadership Achievement Good self management is a foundation for managing others