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Emotional intelligence competencies to manage change

The ability to manage change is a vital skill in the modern workplace.

Significant improvements in the ability to change behaviour, improve morale and productivity have been achieved by the introduction of training initiatives based on emotional intelligence, learned optimism, positive psychology and the neuroscience of change.

Training programs with emotional intelligence components are delivering payback of over 1000% return on investment in the first year. Emotional intelligence programs produce outcomes 8 times greater than non emotional intelligence training programs (Goleman & Cherniss 2001)

One of the outcomes of these programs is resilience. Resilience is important as it is the bounce back factor that keeps people "in the game". It is the mental toughness and fortitude that is required to push through the negative emotions associated with change.


Training Programs to improve Emotional Intelligence optimism and resilience

-The Psychology of Client Decision Making

-The Manager as Coach

-Leading with emotional intelligence

-Emotional Intelligence in Selling

-Business breakthroughs

-The Art and Science of Selling

-Attitude and Action for Acheivement

Case Studies

-Attitude & Action for Achievement Delivered on stretched sales goals

-Business Breakthroughs Delivered increased sales and more free time

-The Psychology of Client Decision Making Achieved significant growth in funds under management

-The Manager as Coach Produced increased employee engagement and productivity

-The Art & Science of Selling Generated significant increases in new business

-Leading with Emotional Intelligence Increased self awareness and responsibility

-Attitude & Action for Leadership Achievement Good self management is a foundation for managing others