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. Introduction
. The Psychology of Client Decision Making
. The Manager as Coach
. Leading with Emotional Intelligence
. Emotional Intelligence in Selling
. Business Breakthroughs
. The Art and Science of Selling
. Attitude and Action for Achievement
. Building a Positive Workplace


Program: The Art and Science of Selling

This sales training program focuses on the application of emotional intelligence to influencing the thinking, feeling and behaviours of buyers to increase sales volume and margins.


Understanding how emotions have a major influence on how and why people buy is a paradigm shift away from traditional sales presentations. It focuses on how to take the buyer through the decision making process by using questions that will influence their emotions and behaviour. The questioning strategy builds the perceived value of the product and service in the buyer's mind and increases sales conversion ratios and margins.

Key Content

-Understanding how and why people make decisions to buy

-How to influence the emotions and motivation of the buyer

-Uncovering the buyer's dissatisfactions and problems

-Amplifying the buyer's need to change

-Getting the buyer to talk about the value of your solutions

-How to lock down buyer commitment


As a result of the 'The Art and Science of Selling' program participants will gain knowledge, attitudes and skills to:

-Move away from "tell selling"

-More effectively uncover buyers feelings and concerns

-Use key questions to motivate the buyer and move the sale forward

-Build value and overcome buyer price resistance

-Gain more trust and commitment from the buyer

-Increase sales margins and gain repeat business


-Keynote or conference presentation 45 min to 90 min

-Seminar or training workshop 1 day to 2 days

-Individual coaching to maximise learning and behavioural change

Case Study

-The Art & Science of Selling generated significant increases in new business [Here]