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. Introduction
. The Psychology of Client Decision Making
. The Manager as Coach
. Leading with Emotional Intelligence
. Emotional Intelligence in Selling
. Business Breakthroughs
. The Art and Science of Selling
. Attitude and Action for Achievement
. Building a Positive Workplace


Program: Building a Positive Workplace

This program focuses on the practical application of the research on the new science of positive psychology. The workshop will deliver significant long term benefits to your business by building a positive workplace culture that maximises employee engagement, retention and productivity. It will show participants how to help their staff build a happier and more productive workplace by using the concepts of positive psychology and emotional intelligence.


The cost of employee disengagement, job dissatisfaction and employee turnover is a growing expense for business. Creating a positive, engaged workforce is essential to maximising human capital. Developing managers' ability to help their people gain more meaning from their work will enable them to achieve their best. This program will show managers how to emotional engage their people. The 'Positive Psychology' program has developed practical strategies to enable individuals and organisations to move from languishing to flourishing.

Key Content

  • Positive psychology, a new vision for individuals and organisations
  • The business case for positive psychology
  • Building optimism and resilience in your team
  • Moving from advocacy to appreciative inquiry
  • How to help your people gain more meaning from what they do
  • How to help identify and utilise individuals' signature strengths
  • How to use recognition and gratitude as aids to staff engagement
  • Strategies for building positive teamwork
  • How to increase the positive to negative ratio
  • Creating an ongoing positive work culture


As a result of the training intervention participants will have the mindset and skills to be able to:

  • Maximise the organisation's investment in human capital
  • Develop a positive approach to managing others
  • Gain more cooperation and improve harmony in the workplace
  • Have a workforce that is engaged and willing to go the 'extra mile'
  • Understand and use the signature strengths of your people
  • Increase the workplace resilience to adversity
  • Develop a happier, secure and more productive workforce


  • Keynote or conference presentation 45 min to 90 min
  • Seminar or training workshop 1 day to 2 days
  • Individual coaching to maximise learning and behavioural change