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. Introduction
. The Psychology of Client Decision Making
. The Manager as Coach
. Leading with Emotional Intelligence
. Emotional Intelligence in Selling
. Business Breakthroughs
. The Art and Science of Selling
. Attitude and Action for Achievement
. Building a Positive Workplace


Program: Leading with Emotional Intelligence

This leadership and management training program will deliver significant long term benefits to your business by developing the self awareness and attitudes of your managers. It will show participants how to lead teams by using coaching skills, based on the concepts of emotional intelligence.


Managers high in emotional intelligence outperform targets by between 15% and 20%. Developing your managers' emotional intelligence will enable them to motivate and empower their people to achieve their best. This program will show participants how to coach staff. Coaching allows people to contribute more fully and productively to the business. It enables managers and their reports to develop fulfilling and productive relationships.

Key Content

-Emotional intelligence, the core competency in managing and leading others

-The business case for coaching

-Building empathy, trust, awareness, responsibility, empowerment, resilience, motivation and focus in your team

-Effective communication, including active listening and giving constructive feedback

-Understanding employees and helping them reach peak performance

-Managing difficult circumstances like personal and organisational change


As a result of the training intervention participants will have the mindset and skills to be able to:

-Improve performance and help others achieve their personal best

-Develop the emotional robustness to deal with pressure or difficult issues

-Develop a coaching approach to management that has a positive impact on people

-Manage the thinking, feelings and motivation of others

-Manage personal and organisational change more effectively

-Help people to take responsibility to plan and be proactive on the high payoff activities


-Keynote or conference presentation 45 min to 90 min

-Seminar or training workshop 1 day to 2 days

-Individual coaching to maximise learning and behavioural change

Case Study

-Leading with Emotional Intelligence increased self awareness and responsibility [Here]