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. Introduction
. The Psychology of Client Decision Making
. The Manager as Coach
. Leading with Emotional Intelligence
. Emotional Intelligence in Selling
. Business Breakthroughs
. The Art and Science of Selling
. Attitude and Action for Achievement
. Building a Positive Workplace


Program: The Psychology of Client Decision Making

This sales training program aims to change the way sales people approach selling, so that they can engage the customer and build better client relationships. Participants will learn to understand the psychology and neuroscience behind their clients' decisions.


Companies that display best practice in managing their customers' emotional engagement generate 26% more gross margins and 85% sales growth over their five largest competitors, according to the Harvard Management Review. This training program builds participants' awareness and skills in making the emotional connection with their clients. It focuses on the importance of building value in the client's mind.

Key Content

-Understanding why people buy and how clients make decisions

-The role emotions play in the client's decision making process

-Minimising the client's fears and reluctance to move forward

-Asking questions that emotionally connect with the client, including the three most important questions you can ever ask a client or prospect

-Building the perceived value in the client's mind of your product and service

-How to plan an effective client meeting


Participants on this program improve their ability to sell and understand clients. The benefits include:

-Understanding of the emotions involved in the client's decisions

-The ability to ask the right questions and listen to the client

-Increased confidence when approaching a sale

-The ability to effectively plan and structure meetings


-Keynote or conference presentation 45 min to 90 min

-Seminar or training workshop 1 day to 2 days

-Individual coaching to maximise learning and behavioural change

Case Study

-The Psychology of Client Decision Making achieved significant growth in funds under management [Here]